One, the thing that is ripe to fall. Just like being in love, some are not willing to be satisfied with each other. Because uneasiness has already hunted something, but reason is difficult to sort out. Artificial cover up, early evening exposure.


Two, love does not have a key, we never know that the door can open that one can not open, more do not know after opening is bitter is music, holding our sincere and bold pursuit of it, all things to try to know the result is good or not.


Three, do not easily say the promise, and do not easily believe the promise, because that always only belong to that moment of the feeling of that moment, one day feeling is not, the promise also vanished.


Four, really want to be so good for those who like, think little, do not ask for results, no purpose, do not ask later. In this way, following the passage of time, day after day, the gentleness goes down.


Five, now understand, a person can be sad, no mood, no words, no expression.


Six, do not give up a love because of a flaw. After all, in love, what is needed is truth, not perfection.


Seven, there are not so many assumptions in life. Reality is a real slap in the face. It hurts to cry on your face.


Eight, in full dress, there must be a heart of perseverance.


Nine, friendship means two people and the world, but love means that two people are the world.


Ten, in this life only wish, you can see your smile when you rise, just like the warm sunshine in winter.


Eleven, understanding, is a kind of appreciation, a tacit understanding, a kind of happiness, without words, only a behavior, a look, a call. A deliberate explanation is actually a disguise. Understand, like the fragrance of orchid, light can be lasting, such as a good book, simple plot, shock emotion; for example, a melody, deductive is the tolerance and deep love of life.


Twelve, sometimes you can get what you want most after sticking to what you least want to do. The city of the sky


Thirteen, because of you, I fall asleep very late every day, just to wait for you, talk to you, because of you, I will take a cell phone from time to time, see if you have a text message; because of you, I will be indescribable and inexplicable; because you, I become very entangled, become not knowing how good. Your words can change the mood of my day. Your text message can affect my mood for a day. It’s all just because of you.


Fourteen, love a person, to understand, to understand; to apologize, also to thank; to be mistaken, also to be mistaken; to be considerate, and to be considerate; to accept, not to endure; to tolerate, not to indulge; to support, not to dominate; to consoled, not to question; to confide, not to accuse; it is unforgettable, not forgetting; it is Peter This communication is not an account of everything; it is a silent prayer for the other, not a lot of requests to each other; it can be romantic, but not waste; you can hold hands at any time, but do not break up.


Fifteen, I can not guarantee to give you a perfect feeling, no quarrel, no differences, but I can guarantee that as long as you insist, I will never abandon.


Sixteen. I want to be with you for a few days. At a certain place, some time. Love of Hiroshima


Seventeen, trust each other, if even the least mutual trust is not, then, like this love, do not stop; think, the mountain without edge, heaven and earth, and dare to be with the king, what is this love


Eighteen, love has become a carrier, happy.


Nineteen, love itself is not right or wrong, but she involves too much.


Twenty, love is what, love is no matter the person’s appearance, care about the warmth of the heart, no matter how difficult the world, can go hand in hand.


Twenty-one, the more ordinary you are, the longer you will be.


Twenty-two, the love of a lifetime is not a vigorous love, nor is it a promise or an oath. But when everyone abandonment, only he is accompanying you silently. When everyone admired you, only he held your hand and raised your lips, as if proudly said, I knew it. Do not be depressed by your lover’s silence and incomprehension, because time will tell you.


Twenty-three, the most sad thing is that when you meet a special person, you know that you can never be together, or sooner or later, you have to give up.


Twenty-four, not good night, the two words are particularly sweet and very important, but who is important to say.


Twenty-five, I need to hold your hand in order to tell you what is forever.


Twenty-six, love is not a rabbit, it is useless to guard the plant; man, do not complain that he has always been lost with love, no one likes a person who is going down and going down.


Twenty-seven, the free mood, rising in this fertile land, and perhaps, without love, will not appreciate the imprint of this kind, but whether the purpose of love is only for experience.


Twenty-eight, the same thing, it is heaven to think, it is hell to take things too hard.


Twenty-nine, when you love a person, love to eight points is just good. All expectations and hopes are only seven or eight points; the remaining two or three points are used to love themselves.


Thirty, talk about a love, like a layer of skin, let a person reborn.


Thirty-one, one day, we need not say goodbye again, just say good night.


Thirty-two, the first love of this thing is very good and bad. Well, I will always remember who my first love was. The bad thing is, I often lose him. The first love is very bad and good. The bad thing is, I don’t know who I’m the first love. All right, no matter who he is, he must remember me.


Thirty-three, no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are ahead of those who have never tried.


Thirty-four, if one day I love the people to follow others, then my only wish is to ask God to give me a better enemy, and let me lose my heart and be happy.


Thirty-five, if you are also confused about love, perhaps the following paragraph can give you some enlightenment.


Thirty-six, no matter what kind of sobbing last night, the city woke up in the morning. There is no time to be happy or unhappy. You can only remember or forget the journey you loved or hated.


Thirty-seven, 1 universes, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 oceans. I was so lucky to meet you.


Thirty-eight, love is a lifelong event, everything is a trouble, afraid of trouble, including love; listen to a daughter-in-law shouting you go shopping, do not have a pair of unreasonable touch, with Shenzhen speed to throw away the Yuxi and mouse in your hands, the target street, walk.


Thirty-nine, sometimes, the most difficult decisions we make are the most memorable things we have ever done.


Forty, nothing is forever, and nothing will be long. Whoever makes an excuse can go first.


Forty-one, we have been looking for, but we have already already had, we always look around, only leaked out of what we want, which is the reason why we are so far away.


Forty-two, there is only one thing, that is, to accept everything about TA. When TA has nothing, she will still be around, making TA happy and happy to ta. There’s no right or wrong together, there’s no room for it.


Forty-three. A good love, a victorious battle, can Www.GuaZe.Com withstand the fleeting time, can withstand the separation, is able to endure to miss.


Forty-four, if you find yourself unable to put the other person to the other side, then don’t try to forget yourself, because it will only make you more painful and let everything go.


Forty-five. Do not change yourself for the sake of the so-called love. Love does not depend on how much you have changed, but how long you have kept it. Don’t let the wait become a torment for the so-called love. The more you hope, the less it can give back to you; don’t be injured or back for the sake of love. The extinguished flame has been unable to burn. Finally, you can only melt your pain and pain with your blood and tears.


Forty-six, material factors are only inappropriate.


Forty-seven, a smile can be given to anyone, but your heart needs only one person.


Forty-eight, there is a life of fireworks, which is called moistening. It is sweet to have a quarrel. A missing yearning, can be called love. There is a modesty of years, and it is a marriage.


Forty-nine, please do not say that I have changed, because I did not change, but only to understand how others treat me, how should I treat others.


Fifty, say I love you, not out of habit, nor is it not for words. I just want to remind you that loving you is the best thing in my life.


Fifty-one, as long as you call me, I am in the grave, will also pour out a force, stand up, follow you. A letter from a strange woman


Fifty-two, if one day we are going to break up, please don’t let me see you for the rest of my life.


Fifty-three, you no longer need to go through the storm alone, because you have me now.


Fifty-four, there is a reason for love and tolerance without precondition.


Fifty-five, what you wasted today is the tomorrow that the dead yesterday hoped for. What you hate now is the future you can’t go back to.


Fifty-six, do not meet, there is no good meeting, you are always, I remember the appearance.


Fifty-seven, love is sacred and can not tolerate anyone’s taint. In the realm of love, it is free, hearts and hearts are closely related to each other.


Fifty-eight, the world did not belong to you, so you do not have to abandon. All things are used for me, but not by me.


Fifty-nine, they all say that love can not afford to hurt others.


Sixty, sometimes the best person for you is the one you least expect.


Sixty-one, tolerate some happiness, but when your bottom line is lower, you get lower results. Don’t always complain that the people you meet are not reliable. If others treat you like this, you must teach others how to treat you in this way. Love is equal, can pay more, can also love him more, but never compromise.


Sixty-two, sometimes, I wish I could take my heart and turn it off, so that I would not feel pain.


Sixty-three, the so-called love is like the joy that he can bring to you. Love, together with the pain that he brings to you. A man is always around you, maybe just like you. A man appears when every time you need him to appear, then he must love you. – Su Qin


Sixty-four, the determination to bite down is not a good decision.


Sixty-five, time is quiet and good, and the year of the fine water is the same as that of the king.